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Le Locle

"I could have stayed for an hour longer having my breakfast at Maison Dubois: all these good things on this old clockmaker’s bench; you want to eat and eat and eat.... and go back to bed. But the sun is shining and the plan for the day is to put on our show shoes and enjoy the Grand Sommartel circular trail. I take my courage in both hands and tie my shoes with a few grimaces. An hour later, I’m not sorry: after a good climb to Sommartel, the high point, a magnificent view of the Alps opens up in front of us. The prospect of a lovely hot chocolate when we get back gives me the courage I need to finish the loop at top speed."


Route 1: La Chaux-du-Milieu - Le Prévoux
Duration: 1 hr 45
Distance: 3 km
Gradient: 50 m

Route 2: Ferme modèle - Les Maillards
Duration: 1h45
Distance: 3 km
Gradient: small gradient

Route 3: Boucle du Col-des-Roches
Duration: 45 min
Distance: 0.8 km
Gradient: small gradient

Route 4: Grand-Sommartel - Grande Joux
Duration: 2hr 30 
Distance: 5 km
Gradient: small gradient

Route 5: Boucle du Grand-Sommartel 
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 3.2 km
Gradient: 100 m

Good to know
All the trails have a restaurant or mountain inn at the end so you can refresh yourself before returning.


Winter Map | PDF, 13.30 MB

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