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Colombier - Bevaix

"I strapped on my roller skates and donned my sunglasses - an essential accessory for anyone who wants to roller-skate along the lake shore - and there I was, ready to set out on the asphalt with no need to fear the midges. From Colombier to Petit-Cortaillod, I set a brisk pace because the route is straight and clear. But from Petit-Cortaillod, where I stopped at a little harborside cafe to enjoy an ice cream, the road starts to get a little more crowded: with the lake to one side and the vineyards on the other, I wove my way between pedestrians and cyclists as the sun beamed down on me. Before reaching the port of Bevaix, I stopped at the unspoiled beach of La Pointe-du-Grain, which nobody should miss. Fortunately I remembered by bikini, otherwise I would have been kicking myself."


Route: Colombier - Bevaix
Distance: 8 km (5 miles)

Technically: Easy
Physically: Easy

Good to know
The route from Petit-Cortaillod to La Pointe du Grain is probably one of the most beautiful on the lake's shores.

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