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"During every season, at all times of the day and in every place, the Saut-du-Doubs shows us a different, but always magnificent and surprising face. You really get the impression it’s alive. It’s as if it’s breathing with each movement of water and, depending on the flow of the river, it’s either very calm, which is soothing, or angry, which is invigorating! The overriding ambiance of this place, plus its unspoilt nature, makes it unforgettable."


Short route

Route: Les Brenets - Saut-du-Doubs
Duration: 1 hr 15 min.
Distance: 4,75 km (2.95 miles)
Gradient: 100 m

Long route
Route: Les Brenets - Saut-du-Doubs - Biaufond
Duration: 5 hr 40 min.
Distance: 22,6 km (14 miles)
Gradient: 250 m


Easy, family walk.

Good to know


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