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Gorges of Poëta-Raisse

"I see through my windows a magnificent waterfall that falls from the top of the mountain down a rock escarpment into the valley, with a noise that can be heard from afar, especially when the water level is high. You can see this waterfall clearly, but not the grotto. The entrance to it is hard to get through but it’s quite spacious inside and lit by a natural window, arched at the top and with an architectural style that’s not Toscan or Dorique, but devised by nature who knows how to give proportion and harmony to her most irregular works."

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, writer and philosopher

Route: Môtiers - Poëta Raisse - Les Preisettes - La Petite-Robella - Fleurier - Môtiers
Duration: 5 hr 30 min
Distance: 19.1 km (11.8 miles)
Gradient: approx 650 m

Technically: Average
Physically: Difficult


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Gorges of Poëta-Raisse

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