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Following the Border Markers

"On this sunny afternoon, we took a little trip back into the past by walking the trail that follows the border markers in La Brévine Valley. Starting from Le Prévoux, we soon reached this imaginary line between two countries. The children ran from one marker to the next as we passed through some superb scenery. Each marker is different, with its own details that shed light on an episode in history. Thanks to good signage, we had no problems following the trail as far as the Helvetia, where we went back down to catch the bus for Les Taillères Lake."


In 1814, the Congress of Vienna redrew the borders of Europe's nations. Neuchâtel became the 21st Swiss canton. In 1815, the French commune of Le Cerneux-Péquignot was incorporated into the new canton. The political decisions taken in 1814 and 1815 led to the erection of border markers dated 1819.


4h 20m

Good to know

  • Suitable for families
  • The trail follows border markers 13 to 94.
  • Features of a marker:
    coats of arms are displayed on the wider sides: the former escutcheon of Neuchâtel on the Swiss side and one or more French fleurs-de-lis on the French side.
    The narrower sides show the year when the marker was set up and its sequential number.
    On top of the marker, there is an engraved point from which two lines indicate the directions of the preceding and following markers.


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Following the Border Markers

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