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"Tichodrome" Via Ferrata, Noiraigue

"For people who want to try a via ferrata without scaring themselves to death, the Trichdrome is an excellent choice: I wasn`t scared at any point, taking advantage from start to finish from the adrenaline boost your body gets in such situations and enjoying the breathtaking landscapes. Safe in my harness and carefully secured by straps, I took full advantage of the fantastic view in front of me, feeling so small, perched high on the cliff. A fantastic experience I look forward to repeating. "

Carole, 37 years old

Length: 550 m
Change in height : about 150 m

From Haut de la Côte restaurant: 10 minutes
From Gare de Noiraigue by a marked path: 1 hour
From Ponts-de-Martel station: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Compulsory equipment: Helmet/Harness (well fitting) /Via ferrata tether (with shock absorber and two automatic locking carabiners)
Equipment rental: Sports Centre, in Couvet, T. +41 (0)32 889 69 19 or Défi Montagne, in Peseux, T. +41 (0)32 731 14 39

From Haut de la Côte restaurant: about 2 hours
From Noiraigue: about 3 hrs 30 min.
Ponts-de-Martel: about 3 hrs 30 min.

Opening times
1st July to 31st December.

Good to know

  • No escape points.
  • Accessible to children (from age of 10) accompanied and roped up.


Guide to the Via Ferrata | PDF, 694 kB

Sports Centre
Clos-Pury 15
2108 Couvet
T. +41 (0)32 889 69 19

"Tichodrome" Via Ferrata, Noiraigue

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