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CityGames, Neuchâtel

"We decide to try this new role-playing game in order to spice up our evening among colleagues. After some brief instructions by the organizers, we take on our roles: Three teams of policemen are going to chase a group of dangerous criminals recently escaped from prison. The game doesn’t seem too difficult and we start chasing the criminals. A mobile phone made available to us for this purpose allows us to be informed of the criminals‘ positions every six minutes as well as to visualize the crime scenes. Our group of thirty year olds quickly becomes a gang of children consumed with excitement. We race through the town with just one thought on our minds: we must find the thief! Watch out: once you get started, you are likely to forget about time."

Joe and the team

The Target
A real game of cops and robbers right out of our childhood. Three teams of policemen chase a group of dangerous criminals. Their weapon: a mobile phone with GPS.

Operation Freddy
This is a new way to discover the town. Equipped with a GPS, you go to unusual places where you will be asked some questions. You gather points by answering the questions or mastering the challenges.

Code Craker
Your team’s task: to find the location of the criminals and to decipher the code of their bank account. Decode the information given on the mobile phone or hidden in mysterious places around town.

From 10 to 200 people
Duration : 2 - 4 hours
Languages : English, French, German (other languages on request)

Adult : From CHF 55.00 per person
Groups : Price on request

Numa-Droz 161
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
T. +41 (0)32 913 17 18

CityGames, Neuchâtel

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