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Le Locle by bike

“With my helmet firmly on my head, I was able to set off by bike through the lanes of Le Locle. In this town, nicknamed the town of precision, time is counted with great accuracy! But that’s not a problem. There was no time pressure for me – I had all day to enjoy cycling and exploring the places my bike took me (for only 6 euros!) I cycled past the beautiful town hall and took advantage of the fountain to splash cool water on my face. Crazy! Then I decided I still had enough energy to head to the underground mills of Col des Roches. I left my bike at the bike park just alongside and descended the 23 metres underground! The return journey was easy – I took a bike from the bike park and set off pedalling again!” 


Opening hours
From April, 15th to end of October 2015
Service de l'urbanisme: Hôtel de Ville, 2nd floor
Monday to Wednesday: 8 - 12.a.m. / 14 - 17.p.m.
Self-service stations (from June 2013)
7/7 and 24/24 thanks to the Velopspot system : get a rechargeable card to have access to a bicycle at one of the 6 stations in Le Locle

Rental conditions

  • Produce a valid ID and fill in the rental agreement
  • Pay for the chosen time (CHF 2.00 / bicycle for 4 hrs or CHF 6.00/bicycle for the whole day) and leave a deposit of CHF 20.- per bike (Euros accepted). 


Good to know

  • The bikes are provided with an electronic padlock, lockable - unlockable thanks to the pass "velospot". The user must go to the bike station for having a bike at his disposal. When he unlocks the padlock, the system engages the meter. Afterwards, taking the bike back to the station, the padlock locks itself and the meter stops automatically. The bike is ready again for a new trip.
  • Yearly pass possible. 

Le Locleroule - Station Moulins souterrains du Col des Roches
Le Col 23
2400 Le Locle
T. +41 (0) 32 889 68 92

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