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Four Cantons - Super Tour

"The trip starts in French. Then hey presto! Over the Thielle and we're speaking German. Hey presto! Over La Broye and back to French, hey presto! across the Freiburg Röstigraben and it's German again, hey presto! back across the Thielle for more French. Flat lakeland at the start, hills and low mountains in the middle, and flat marshland at the end. The only things that don't change are the lack of traffic, the variety of the landscapes and the friendly cows. This a 100% Swiss Made Tour which highlights the contrasts that Switzerland has to offer."


Route: Neuchâtel - Portalban - Avenches -Laupen - Neuchâtel
Distance: 110 km (68 miles)
Gradient: about 200 m.

Technically: Easy
Physically: Easy


Good to know


Four cantons - Super Tour | PDF, 405 kB

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Four Cantons - Super Tour

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