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Areuse - Emme - Sihl (route No. 94)

"From the home town of stylish watch brands such as Parmigiani and Chopard to the Federal capital, this route takes you deep down into the dark green bowels of the Areuse Gorges, to the yellowstone of Neuchâtel and the emerald green of its lake, past the orange carrot-fields of the Seeland - and let's not forget the dark brown bears for which the city of Berne is named. At Le Val-de-Travers, however, be wary of the charming green fairy who will kindly offer to fill your flask with a strangely pungent brew…"


The full route comprises 5 sections between Fleurier and Zürich.

Section 1: Fleurier - Neuchâtel
Distance: 38 km (24 miles)
Gradient: 190 m

Section 2: Neuchâtel - Bern
Distance: 52 km (32 miles)
Gradient: 380 m

Technically: Moderate
Physically: Easy

Good to know

  • Attention: steep gradient in the Areuse Gorges.
  • Cycle hire: Rent a bike


Profile of the route | PDF, 276 kB
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Areuse - Emme - Sihl (route No. 94)

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