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The big walking

"A glimpse of the Mediterranean wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty in the far distance too. So, after Mont-Racine, I headed straight west to La Tourne, another place that’s aptly named especially when you agree to have a small glass of absinthe at the restaurant of the same name. At les Petits-Ponts (don’t try and look for them, they’re so small they’re buried under snow in winter), you make a 45 degree turn and return to Bercail via the Vallée des Ponts and La Sagne. And suddenly, I was faced with a dilemma: climb back up to the peak via Mont-Dar by the force of my legs or give into the siren call of the Corbatière ski lift that offers its comforts to cross-country skiers."


Route: La Vue-des-Alpes - Col des Neigeux - Grande Sagneule - Brot-Dessus - Les Petits-Ponts - La Sagne - La Vue-des-Alpes
Distance: 42.5 km (29 miles)
Style: Classic or skating.


Good to know


Map of pistes | PDF, 5.42 MB

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