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La Brévine valley

"The extreme cold has made this mystic valley famous; sometimes temperatures drop to below - 40°C. That is why I was curious to experience the Siberia of Switzerland for myself and enjoy some cross-country skiing, not least in order to keep warm! I was enchanted by the marvelous trail which passes by many typical farmhouses and a lovely lake, the Lac des Taillères, which during this month of January becomes a natural icefield. And since I actually survived the cold, I could proudly pick up my "ice diploma" at the restaurant around the corner, a proof of my visit to this extraordinary valley." 


In this mystic valley with its enchanting landscapes, there is much to experience:

  • Be confronted with the coldest temperatures in Switzerland.
  • Discover the Lac des Taillères, in winter or in summer.
  • Visit the meteorological station in the village of La Brévine.
  • Get your "ice diploma" at one of the restaurants in the valley to document your visit to the Siberia of Switzerland.
  • Buy a thermometer as a souvenir in one of the shops or restaurants in the valley.

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