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Illuminated church, La Brévine

"February 2016 at La Brévine. We already know about the weather station and the record cold temperatures in this valley. Today, the big news at the centre of the village is the illuminated church tower, which changes its colour depending on the ambient temperature. Suffice to say, we’ve been mainly in the blue tonight due to sub-zero temperatures. However, this is also the reason why we’re here: to experience this unique cold in a magnificent landscape."


After dark, five projectors installed around the church illuminate the bell tower in different hues – of red in warm weather and of blue during cold spells.

The village webcam ensures that the same information can be received worldwide.





Which temperature belongs to which colour? | PDF, 497 kB

Tourisme neuchâtelois-Montagnes
Espacité 1
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
T. +41 (0) 32 889 68 95

Illuminated church, La Brévine

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