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"Plop, plop, plop. The drops fall one by one into the glass and the water goes cloudy. I’m at the absinthe springs, in Val-de-Travers, at the Restaurant Les Six-Communes. I love savouring the fée verte [green fairy] in the traditional way, with friends around a glass fountain. The setting is perfect is here; this building with the charms of yesteryear takes us back to the 16th century, plus the drink is diluted with water from the spring in the garden. But the most important thing when drinking absinthe is to take your time. Producers and cafe proprietors always have captivating tales to tell about its clandestine era: so absinthe takes on a forbidden taste that’s real."


Absinthe is obtained by distilling a blend of plants including grande wormwood which comes exclusively from Val-de-Travers, the historic origin of this mythical drink. Despite being banned for nearly a century, absinthe always survived in Val-de-Travers over the years. Its clandestine days are now over and it can be enjoyed legally.


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