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Les Bains des Dames, Neuchâtel

"When we arrived at the tourism office of Neuchâtel, we inquired about a place to have a meal which would be different from the common restaurants. The person we spoke to recommended to go to the ladies’ baths, where a restaurant was set up in the historic baths dating from 1800. They had been built by the famous chocolate manufacturer Suchard for the ladies to be able to bathe in privacy. The two terraces are situated right at the lakeshore in idyllic surroundings. It sounded very good, so we decided to have brunch there on the next day. We had not been promised too much! The site is lovely, and the food was really excellent too." 

Zorica and Jérôme

Brunch is served
A selection of breads in a basket, scrambled eggs, salted Jura cheese, Brie cheese, dried meat, grilled bacon, fruit salad, butter, marmelade, honey.

CHF 24.00
Butter croissant : CHF 1.50

Les Bains des Dames
Quai Louis Perrier 1
2000 Neuchâtel
T. +41 (0) 32 721 26 55

Les Bains des Dames, Neuchâtel

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