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La Vue des Alpes via Mont d'Amin

"This winter, we had plenty of opportunities to embark on adventures in our Neuchâtel Mountains. On many occasions, we used a snowshoe walk as an excuse to indulge ourselves with a nice Fribourg fondue afterwards … A pair of gloves, good shoes, a stop at the tourist office where we rent snowshoes from Santa Claus or his secretary, and off we go for an hour and a half of crazy fun! In fact, only a modest effort is required and there's even time to tell each other a few jokes as we tackle the gentle incline. If we planned our trip properly in advance, we could also admire the sunset over the Alps, but the aroma of cheese is already tickling our nostrils and our pace quickens as we come full circle! Enjoy!"


Route: Vue-de-Alpes - Mont d'Amin - Vue des Alpes
Duration: 2 hrs 45
Distance: 6 km
Gradient: 150 m


Good to know
Snowshoes can be hired at the Tourism Office, La Vue des Alpes.


Winter Map | PDF, 13.30 MB

Tourisme neuchâtelois
2052 La Vue des Alpes
T. +41 (0)32 889 68 86

La Vue des Alpes via Mont d'Amin