Fée line, Buttes

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"It’s a beautiful day this first Saturday in June; perfect for some fun at the Robella summer/winter bobsled ride. After a few safety instructions, we`re off! During the short ascent, I have a chance to look at the course and get a better idea of what’s ahead. At the top, I can see the village of Buttes below; then the sled starts its descent through the mountain pastures. It hurtles down the slope, taking the tight turns, humpbacks and even a spiral. When I get to the bottom, all I want is to do it again. A safe adventure and guaranteed excitement!"

Jérôme, 25


Télésiège Buttes - La Robella
Place de l'Abbaye
2115 Buttes
T. +41 (0)32 862 22 22
F. +41 (0)32 862 22 29

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