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A Flight in a Hot-Air Balloon

"I'm truly fascinated by the extraordinary shots of Planet Earth taken by the photographer Yann Arthus Bertrand. The book containing them suddenly gives me the idea of satisfying my curiosity by discovering this magical universe. The opportunity arises when, out of the blue, a friend suggests a flight in a hot-air balloon. We arrange to meet for the take-off early next morning, in a meadow outside the urban conglomeration. The weather conditions are ideal: no wind and just a little mist. My fear of dangling in space quickly vanishes. The hot-air balloon rises majestically into the sky, and a 360-degree panorama opens up before my eyes as splendid landscapes unfold, sometimes with gentle contours and sometimes with steep hills. In the distance, I can pick out the the shaded autumn tones of the Jura forests. There is nothing but beauty, and nothing to do but admire it. The earth seen from the sky: an intense yet calming feeling that I hope everyone can experience one day."

Anne-Marie Maître, employee of Jura Tourisme

Discover the earth as seen from the sky with Société Montgolfières [Hot-Air Balloon Company].

On request.

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Of course, this type of service depends on the weather conditions.

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