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Le Tour de Sagnard

"In Neuchâtel parlance, a “tour de Sagnard” means a long walk as well as a day of fasting. But since no self-respecting resident of Sagnard would ever let himself die of hunger and even less thirst, there are lots of restaurants along the way. At Brot-Dessus, we decide to challenge destiny: we leave the Grande Randonnée and head North, to the winter kingdom of shadows and trolls. We pass through Bois-des-Lattes, Martel-Dernier, Grande-Joux, Som-Martel, Communal de La Sagne and La Corbatière, places that will remain in our memory forever we’re so affected by the beauty of the landscapes. Back in the valley, the Mont Dar ascent awaits the tireless. The Roche aux Cros ski lift too…"


Route: Tête-de-Ran - Les Attis - Haut de la Côte - Martel-Dernier - La Petite Joux - Grand Som-Martel - La Sagne - Tête-de-Ran
Distance: 50 km (31 miles)
Style: Classic or skating.


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