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La Boucle du Cernil

"Looking at it like this, 22 km seems a very long way. But if I put it like this: 6 km on the flat through the valley to the Bémont bistro + 3 km on the flat and a photo break + 3 km ascent to Le Cernil bistro + 10 km up and down to the Brévine bistro...that looks better right away! Positive thinking and the many Neuchatel farms along the way even (almost) make you forget the steep little climb at Bois des Envers. As for the last descent, it’s perfect if you want to top 100 km/hr, unless you’re more partial to the special slalom and its many turns. If there’s a west wind, it’s preferable to go the other way and start right away with the ascent (it’s a good way to do it but it might be harder to get over the 100km/hr stretch…)."


Route: La Brévine - Bémont - Le Cernil - La Brévine
Distance: 22 km (14 miles)
Style: Classic or skating. 


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Map of pistes | PDF, 1.27 MB

Tourisme neuch.-Montagnes
Espacité 1
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
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