Festin traditional banquet


To bring people closer together and to appreciate culinary expertise: these are the key objectives of the Neuchâtel Food Festival (or "Festin neuchâtelois"). The guests will participate in this event at restaurants at noon all over the canton. During the morning before this extraordinary banquet, visitors can enjoy local markets to a backdrop of choirs, brass bands and performances by other artistes. Smoked whitefish, barbecued sausage on a bed of "pétcha" (calf's foot jelly), local roast lamb with wild thyme accompanied by vegetables, iced parfait with absinthe – to name but a few of the 12-16 dishes on the menu, which will be served in four courses accompanied by regional vintages. 

Association Festin neuchâtelois
c/o Chambre cantonale neuchâteloise de l'hôtellerie et de la restauration
Route de Soleure 12
2072 St-Blaise
T. + 41 (0)32 344 80 80