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Buskers Festival, Neuchâtel

14.08.2018 – 19.08.2018

In the middle of August each year, fifteen guest groups (or almost sixty musicians) take up residence at Neuchâtel for five days. No stage, no sound systems and no light shows – the groups simply perform with 'natural acoustics'. This festival offers a chance to share special moments in a friendly atmosphere - an occasion for peaceful relaxation and enjoyment. The audience ranges from tiny tots to their grandparents, and from classical music enthusiasts to rock fans.

The Buskers Festival takes place in the pedestrian zone of Neuchâtel from 8 - 12 August  2017.

Agence Plateau Libre
Case Postale 2815
2001 Neuchâtel
T. +41 (0) 32 725 68 68

Buskers Festival, Neuchâtel