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Prison tower, Neuchâtel

"When I get to the top, I feel like Napoleon Bonaparte. Yes, the man who said: “From the top of these pyramids, 40 centuries gaze upon you”. Except, for me, it’s not pyramids but a Tower, the Tour des Prisons. It’s not 40 centuries either, but 10, which isn’t bad either. Because the town of Neuchâtel, spread before my eyes, celebrated its 1000th birthday in 2011. The château, the collégiale and the old town, below, attract my attention the most. Then, there’s the immense lake, prolonged by mountain peaks. The setting of this little town is just as beautiful as the town itself! As I climbed, I saw two old dungeons."


Opening times
Due to a fire, the prison tower is closed until further notice.

CHF 2.- (turnstile).

Good to know

  • Make sure you have a CHF 2.- coin for the turnstile.
  • The tower has many steep steps.
  • Exceptional panorama at top of tower.

Prison tower
Rue Jehanne-de-Hochberg
2000 Neuchâtel

Prison tower, Neuchâtel