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Fountain by Mario Botta, St-Blaise

"That Sunday in spring, not far from Neuchâtel in the heart of the very pretty and lively port of Saint-Blaise, I was just about to set out on the walk that leads past twelve fountains. I gazed at this magnificent work of art that stands over five meters high, and I let myself be entranced by the ceaseless sound of the water cascading into the three impressive wheels that symbolise the zeroes in the thousand years of the village's history. All around me, the blue of the lake, the green of the vines and the yellow of the houses created a magical mix of colours. Spellbound by the beauty and solemnity of this fountain, designed for the anniversary by the renowned architect Mario Botta, I threw a coin into the pool that surrounds it in the hope that my wish would come true. " 


Start: Port de Saint-Blaise
Finish: Les Fourches
Length: 850 m
Gradient: 80 m

 Good to know

  • This visit can be combined with the "Twelve Fountains along the Ruau" walk. An ideal way to discover picturesque spots in the village of Saint-Blaise by following a fixed route along the course of the Ruau. 


Fontaine du Millénaire | PDF, 1.62 MB

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Fountain by Mario Botta, St-Blaise