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Gor de Vauseyon, Neuchâtel

"By a warm afternoon in the middle of August we were looking for a shady and fresh place, not far from the city center of Neuchâtel. We finally decided to go for a walk at the Gor de Vauseyon and we discovered a real oasis of peace! With great attention we followed the water's course. Forming sometimes a murmuring brook, sometimes a raging torrent, the water slips easily through pebbles and rocks. The eight old water mills, especially used during the 17th century, during the pre-industrial period, let the kids speechless!"


On the outskirts of the city center, in undisturbed nature, the Seyon river flows through gorges and waterfalls. Educational park presenting the techniques of water wheels. Seven wheels, a 17th century well and a 19th century well. Foothbrigdes and footpaths lead to Valangin.


Free access all year round

Information pavillon open on the 1st Saturday of each month, from April to October. Guided tours at 2.30 pm and 4 pm (duration: 1.15) Adulte CHF 5.- / Children up to 12 : free.

Guided tours for groups on request.

Good to know

  • La Maison du Prussien : historical building from the 18th century with gastronomic restaurant.  

Gor du Vauseyon
CP 196
2006 Neuchâtel
T. +41 (0)32 730 59 67

Gor de Vauseyon, Neuchâtel